How to Match Your Lifestyle With Your Choice of Dog


After reading about your dog compatibility here, you by now have realized that with power comes great responsibility. This power to choose isn’t easy as it seems.

There are dogs that cannot thrive in an apartment that does not have any air cooling system. And yes, there are breeds too that need a temperature-controlled home during winter.

In other words, this power to choose your dog’s breed should not be one-sided. If dogs could just talk, they would be complaining to you about how insensitive their owners had been for leaving them home alone far too long.

Or about how small kids love to poke their eyes, pull their tails or squeeze them so hard they could hardly breathe.  Some have a short fuse around children.

Hypothetically, it would be “the nice ones” that would complain. The rest just instinctively bite.

So, let’s get to know more dog breeds and their personalities.

  1. Great Dane: Low Maintenance


    Referred to as the “Apollo of dogs”, Great Danes can look terribly imposing but actually have a sweet and gentle nature. They are moderately protective of their owners. In terms of grooming, they require low maintenance.
  1. Pug: If You Love Laughing


    Known as the clown of the canine world, it tends to show off and at times manage to make its owner roll over in laughter.
  1. American Foxhound: Care for Jogging?

CC BY-SA 3.0,

    This dog is a great jogging partner for athletic families! Kid friendly, too.

  1. Italian Greyhound: Sleek and Timid
CC BY-SA 3.0,

CC BY-SA 3.0,

    Sleek and stately, the Italian Greyhound was once a companion of nobles, as can be seen in vintage artworks. It has a deep bark perfect for scaring off burglars. Ironically, it does not show aggression toward new family visitors. In fact, it is rather timid.
    Unfortunately, the Italian Greyhound isn’t the first dog type to recommend to families with small children.
  1. Lhasa Apso: Proud Palace Guards
By Lcfrederico - Own work (Arquivo pessoal), GFDL,

By Lcfrederico – Own work (Arquivo pessoal), GFDL,

    Although it has a small stature, this canine of Tibetan origin is sturdy and independent. Because it is suspicious of strangers, the Lhasa Apso was used as a palace guardian in the olden times. And cute they may seem, they can be hard to train. Be careful when you decide to bring the Llasa Apso and small kids together.
  1. Newfoundland: Happy Swimmers


    The Newfoundland may abhor cramped living spaces but loves family excursions. Beach outings would be terrific since this breed is a great swimmer and can act as a lifeguard for you or your children.
    Just remember that Newfoundland dogs cannot stand heat well, so be ready to keep them cool when taking them to warm places.
  1. Saint Bernard: Cool and Collected


    This dog from the Swiss Alps was once used to help lost and injured travellers. Although it is generally gentle and patient with children, it can accidentally knock down smaller kids with its tail. You need to have infants and toddlers always supervised when they play with Saint Bernards.
  1. Dalmatian: Outdoors-y


          Athletic and sleek, Dalmatians make wonderful companions. They are ideal for households that love the outdoors and are engaged in activities such as jogging and cycling. A large yard or living room is also recommended since Dalmatians are not suited for apartment living.
            – Trixie Dauz for Grateful and Spry

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