Dog Compatibility: Is Your Doggie Meant for You?


Dog lovers, hear this: Just because it is cute does not mean a dog is good for you (and vice-versa).

There are several factors to consider when selecting the proper breed for you—and your family. While it seems easy to just pick the cutest, most playful one at the pet store, it is not going to work out if your current lifestyle doesn’t match your dog’s profile.

Pretty much like getting a boyfriend (or girlfriend), really.

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How Do I Know If I and My Dog Are A Match?

Before jumping into a commitment (to take care of new family member, that is), take these into consideration when deciding:

  • Preference. What are your personal preferences when it comes to dogs? Do you want them big or small? Quiet or frisky? Short coated or curly? Take note of these, and then consider your own lifestyle before deciding.
  • Type and area of residence. How big is your home? Do you live in a rural area, the suburbs, or the inner city? Some dogs adapt well to city living and prefer a life indoors, while others are in their element when they are in open spaces.
  • Activity. Will you have time to take the dog for an exercise or a walk? It’s very important to consider the level of activity you’re willing to invest. Do realize that some dogs rely on fitness activities for their happiness.
  • Alone time. How often will you leave your dog home alone? While some breeds can be left alone often, remember that dogs are pack animals by nature and will consider your family as its pack. Likewise, getting a dog is like adding a new member to your family, so social interaction is a must.
  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend to maintain your dog’s needs? Veterinary fees, to food, grooming, accessories, and toys: make sure you can afford before signing up for a dog—or any pet for that matter.

5 Popular Dog Breeds

After mulling over your preferences vis-à-vis your current lifestyle, it is time to narrow down your candidates. These are 5 popular family dogs breeds to consider:


Beagle. Perfect for the family because of their gentle, friendly, and playful nature. The kids will surely love the beagle. They’re small and handy, and being hounds, can be trained for moderate hunting, too.



Collie. Sensitive, intelligent, and very loyal, collies are effective herding dogs and are very friendly with children, making them a favorable companion for the family.



You often see them winning in dog shows because of their impressive appearance and seemingly elegant attitude. But behind all those, poodles are incredibly affectionate.

And really, they’re just so pretty.



Labrador Retriever.  Friendly and hard working, labrador retrievers are effective helpers. They can assist the blind or turn into search and rescue dog. They’re very easy to train, intelligent, and playful.



Golden Retriever.  Golden retrievers are easily one of one of the most popular dog breeds in the US for their friendly, active, and smart nature. They make good working dogs. They can be trained to track and sniff out drugs, and can also be of assistance to the physically challenged.

This not enough list for you? Find more dog breeds to consider in part two of our series on dogs and their personalities.



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