8 Ways to Do Cardio Exercises Without Busting Your Budget

  1. Running. Inject fun when you run: run on your own or with your group of friends at your most convenient time.

You may also opt to jog instead. As running is a high impact exercise, be mindful of the risk of injuries (knee injuries, “shin splints”, and ankle sprains). You would need a good pair of running shoes for your protection and comfort and opt to run on dirt tracks or grassy areas.

  1. Walking. Running or jogging not your cup of tea? Then walk yourself to health. As walking is a low impact exercise, it is an option to those who are overweight, pregnant or unused to physical activity.

You can even intentionally add walking times during your usual daily routine, like parking your car further from your workplace or getting off earlier from your bus or taxi ride so you can give yourself time to do your walk.

  1. Swimming. Swimming, like walking, is another low impact cardio exercise. According to fitness instructor Chris Freytag, “swimming works major muscle groups like your abdominals and gluts while burning…calories.”

She notes that a 155 pound person swimming freestyle for one hour will burn approximately 700 calories at a fast pace and close to 500 calories at a slower pace.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Thanks to the water’s buoyancy, any strain from this is taken off one’s knees.

  1. Playing Field Sports. Elsbeth Riley, CPT, points out in her article that “running around a field or court is guaranteed to increase your heart rate.” Go ahead and try your hand with playing basketball, soccer or even a game of tennis or badminton. Sports as a cardio exercise becomes more fun when you connect with others. You might make new friends in the process.

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