8 Items in Your Midlife Celebration List (Don’t Call It a Bucket List)

  1. Go on a Road Trip Around Europe with Friends

Road trips may sound exhausting especially if these mean going all over Europe. Not so if it’s with best friends, though. The travel from say, Bordeaux, France to the High Alpine Road in Austria to Olympia in Greece means lots of time in your hands and more importantly, an opportunity to re-bond with your best buddies.

As you drive past picturesque coastal towns and idyllic countrysides, here’s your chance to reminisce about the funny, embarrassing or happy collective experiences of your younger selves. (And to set the mood, make sure you have Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” in your playlist, just in case you want to burst into group karaoke in between chatter).


  1. Swim with Whale Sharks

Who says that Gen X-ers can’t get into the same adventure sports millennials favor? Well, it need not be as extreme as say, trekking to the North Pole or sky diving because let’s face it: How many of the common folks can really do those stunts?

Many recreational activities give ordinary Joes the opportunities to face their fears. Can’t imagine yourself coming face to face with the inhabitants of the Deep? Well, why don’t you find out? Join tours that offer in-season sightings of beautiful whale sharks.

If you are feeling more adventurous, take the plunge for a close encounter with these fishes.

This Lonely Planet article lists nine destinations ranging from Tofu Beach in Mozambique to South Ari Atoll in Maldives and Donsol Bay in the Philippines, where whale shark sightings have been recorded. Offerings range from eco-tours to diving and snorkelling tours.


  1. Volunteer or Work in an Archaeological Site

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty or simply are interest to dig into the past (no, we don’t mean about your ex), then try volunteering to be part of an excavation project in an archaeological site.


Title: “Field Archaeologist Ryun Papson with tour group, Patterson Park”. From Baltimore Heritage in https://www.flickr.com/photos/baltimoreheritage/16149421190. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Volunteering or working on an excavation project is hardly anything like those romanticized scenes from old Indiana Jones movies. It involves hours of toiling under the sun (or underground). Digging is just one part of the job. You may be assigned to un-sexy tasks such as measuring and recording, too.

The reward is the opportunity to be part of an experience that is out of the ordinary. You get to glimpse into the past and experience new cultures. In some cases, you get to live on a camp site for a time. Best of all, there can always be that thrill of the moment once you and your team realize that you have stumbled upon something significant.

If this is exactly the kind of change you need, albeit temporary, check online for dig databases on excavation projects that are looking for volunteers.


  1. Watch Northern Lights


Want to go back to the time when technology and internet haven’t yet interfered with your life? If money is not an issue with you and you want to be one with nature, consider buying a plane ticket to Norway to marvel at how the Northern Lights dance in the sky in different colors.

Best time to see the aurora borealis is when the weather is cold and dry. That’s right around December.

Did we say that this may be your opportunity to shun technology? We lied. You might need to bring your Northern Lights app with you to guide you on when and where best to catch the best light show.

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