3 Tips on Body Image and Weight Loss

  1. Reward yourself. By this time, you have set your goal, gone through the ups and lows of weight loss but pressed oWeighing Scale_Tips On Body Image and Weight Lossn, knowing that you’ve set a prize at the end: a satisfying reward for your hard work and determination. For most, this reward comes in the form of a “cheat day” for sweets and other delectable indulgences.

While this is fine, why not think of opting for something you’ve never done before because you were stymied by self-doubt? Like wearing that dream dress you’ve wanted but never tried on because you thought you won’t look good in it anyway. It’s time for you to let that beautiful butterfly fly out of its cocoon.

Remember to make the conscious decision to be healthy and to choose total wellness over vanity, regardless of your age. Many people fall into yoyo dieting simply because they do it for the wrong reason.

Having a conscious decision allows your weight loss efforts to turn into a new good habit that sticks, and not just another short-term craze.

Go now and take those baby—and consistent—steps toward gaining back control over your life and health.



– Apple Allison for Grateful and Spry

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